Graylog2/server docker hub handle abandoned?

Just wanted to point out that in 2.4.5 blog announcement you link to graylog2/server docker hub site (image name? repo?) but there is no updated image there, current image can be found under graylog/graylog, is graylog2/server image name abandoned?

The graylog2/server Docker image will eventually be replaced by the graylog/graylog Docker image.

still would appreciate linking to right image in announcement blog posts;-)

graylog2/server:2.4.5-1 is now available on Docker Hub.

BTW: do you plan posting images with enterprise plugins? it could be named greylog/greylog-enterprise or something like that. Each graylog update you have to download a tarball and unpack plugins manually, and it can be cumbersome in docker deployment

That’s currently not on our roadmap because we want people to consciously download the Graylog Enterprise plugins and accept their license (which is different from Graylog).

You can create your own Docker image with the Graylog Enterprise plugins as described in the documentation at

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