How to Update Graylog in docker

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Hi I am Dinesh,

I am new to graylog, I have installed graylog in docker and after installing it i observed 2 notifications one is related to Graylog Upgrade. Can some one tell me how to update it using docker commands.

Note: First in need to take backup of my data and then i need to update it to version 2.4.6.

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(Jan Doberstein) #2

how did you started graylog in docker? did you use docker-compose? Just change the version number of the image then.

(Dinesh Alla) #3

i want to upgrade it with out losing my data. Already data is there. So suggest me what are the commands i need to use. @jan

(Merces) #4

i think you need to graceful shutdown first, and then update the package, and then restart the service again

(Dinesh Alla) #5

I just need a command how to update the graylog in docker.

If you are having knowledge on docker suggest me step by step procedure with docker commands what i need to do.@merceskoba.

(Jan Doberstein) #6

you did not answer my initial, first question. How did you start Graylog in the Docker environment? Did you use Docker-compose or just set a "docker run` command?

Without that knowledge nobody is able to point you to the solution!

(Dinesh Alla) #7


I installed graylog in docker by following the instructions given in your documentation.

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which of the two given installations? the quick guide or the docker-compose guide?

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Can you send me the screenshot what “docker-compose” in your point of view? I have installed it using quick start then after I updated docker-compose.yml for my own settings. I have created my own volumes to store the backup files. @jan

I didn’t find “docker-compose” guide any where in your document. Send me the link where it is, So that it would be helpful for me.

(Jan Doberstein) #10

So you had used this section to make use of Graylog?

Or did you use a docker-compose file? Like described in this section:

If you use a docker-compose file - how does this look like. Please post your compose file into this forum.

(Dinesh Alla) #11

I have used Quick start to install. What i am suppose to do. But i hosted gray log on my own local URL. Which can’t be accessed out side of our office network. What ever the changes which need to be done in “docker-compose.yml” i have done it. @jan

(Jan Doberstein) #12

as you can’t give me the answer how you installed/use Graylog I can only give you this:

  • shutdown Graylog (leave mongoDB and Elasticsearch running)
  • change the Version number to the version you want to go to
  • start Graylog

(Dinesh Alla) #13

I have used Quickstart to install. I have already said in the previous comment. What are the exact details you require from me?

If Possible arrange a call with technical team.

(Dinesh Alla) #14

Hi @jan

Can you tell me the docker commands for below scenarios.

How to Shut Down Graylog?
How to change the version?
How to start Graylog?

(Dinesh Alla) #15

Hi @jan

Can you send the docker commands for your explanation? I haven’t found anywhere in the documentation. SO that i will restart the service from starting on wards.

(Dinesh Alla) #16

HI @merceskoba

Can you send me the docker commands.

(Jan Doberstein) #17

sorry @dinesh.alla when you need this detailed help using and running docker containers I’m not the right person to show how you do this in your environment.
Whatever I’ll tell you might break your setup and I do not want to be the person that is blamed for that.

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For Query i have return solution in Stack over flow please check the below link.

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