Graylog shows Unkown Node


We have 3 Graylog nodes (1 master + 2 slaves). Each running on separate host. The Graylog is running as Docker image.

After installing Graylog Docker image 3.0 noticed that under System/Nodes>Nodes one of the three nodes is showing Unknown… while the others shows the container ID (which is the supposed info to be displayed).

What could be wrong with this node that shows Unknown?


Did you checked the server logs of all nodes?

Maybe the DNS of the unknown is broken? Or the Hostname is not set?

Thanks for reply. Both hostname and DNS are configured. Bellow is an image with the behavior I am reporting. Where it says “A” / “B”, A is the Graylog’s node ID and “B” is the container ID. For some reason for that node is shows Unknown. I am thinking if this could be some Docker Daemon issue. How does Graylog gets this container ID info?


your B is the Hostname - what Graylog gets when it trys to get it from the system. So I guess something is not working proper with the container …

Hi @jan,

Indeed this was related with Docker Daemon. After executing a stop/start on Docker Daemon did not face this Unknown string on Nodes anymore.

Thanks for your support.

This case can be closed.

Catarina Tavares

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