Issue: cant change graylog node name?

My graylog server is working perfectly following the documentation. I have found many solutions to my issues during setup reading this forum.

Trying to change the node name on my single graylog master server.
under Menu > System > Nodes
It has the partial random generated Node-ID followed by the hostname of the machine.
I have hence moved this machine from dev network to prod network. Therefore the hostname has changed.
I would like the field in question to reflect the new hostname change…


I have been able to find the field in the mongo database that has this data
its under the “nodes” collection inside the graylog database.
I updated the field with db.nodes.update() and changed the value of the " hostname" data to the new hostname.

I then reload the graylog service and it works! YAY.
Problem is it does not survive a reboot… It will go back to the original in the image provided above.

Any ideas?

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