Graylog 2.3 cluster issue

Hi, all.

Perhaps the error is not new, but it can not be solved.

We have 2 nodes(master and slave). MongoDB cluster (3 nodes).

Slave node does not work…
WARN [NodePingThread] Did not find meta info of this node. Re-registering.

When i stopped master and run slave, i can enter to gui and see slave node, and after that, i`m start master. After several seconds - Did not find meta info of this node… (slave node logs)

graylog-server 2.3.2 (Deb 8)

What could be the problem?

Impossible to tell if you don’t provide substantial information such as a description of your network setup, the configuration of your Graylog nodes, and the logs of your Graylog nodes.

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Ok,I’m upload conf of nodes later.
So,when we create cluster, all works fine.

did you checked the solution in the linked thread?

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When I looked first time date, I did not notice that it was not true, now I checked the ntpq -c peers, and i see problems.
Now, everything is working.

I have one small question, nodes in System/Nodes have IP, not the names.
Where is set node names?

if you refer to the System > Nodes page, the names shown is the name that the system think it has. That is returned to the java process request the hostname.

hostname is correct on nodes. Hmm, why java used IP…

use the following java function to get the hostname

$ java -jar testhostname.jar
Hostname: valid_hostname

Function above worked on nodes.

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