Multi node Graylog cluster not connecting to mongodb

Hello everyone i have been triying to fix an issue happening with graylog for a few days now so hopefully someone will be able to provide some insight as i am rather new with the software namely i have a 3 node graylog cluster with the following configurations:


is_master = true
password_secret = set
root_password_sha2 = set
root_timezone = UTC
http_bind_address = set to computers IP address
http_external_uri = set to external URI
mongodb_uri = mongodb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@mongodb-node1:27017,mongodb-node2:27017,mongodb-node3:27017/gray

Nodes 2 and 3 have the exact same configuration files with the difference being the is_master = false on nodes two and 3
i have also setup a mongodb replica set with works fine and can see all three servers under one set. Now Node 1 starts fine (Node 1 is also the Graylog master and the MongoDB primary) but nodes two and 3 return this message when starting them:

2019-08-30T15:30:27.821Z INFO [cluster] No server chosen by WritableServerSelector from cluster description ClusterDescription{type=REPLICA_SET, connectionMode=SINGLE, serverDescriptions=[S erverDescription{address=localhost:27017, type=REPLICA_SET_SECONDARY, state=CONNECTED, ok=true, version=ServerVersion{versionList=[4, 0, 12]}, minWireVersion=0, maxWireVersion=7, maxDocument
Size=16777216, logicalSessionTimeoutMinutes=30, roundTripTimeNanos=792117, setName=‘rs01’, canonicalAddress=node2:27017, hosts=[node1:27017,
node3:27017, node2:27017], passives=, arbiters=, primary=‘node1:27017’, tagSet=TagSet{}, electionId=null, s
etVersion=3, lastWriteDate=Fri Aug 30 15:30:27 UTC 2019, lastUpdateTimeNanos=7327288953814}]}. Waiting for 30000 ms before timing out

Important to note is that firewall is off aswell as SELinux on all three nodes at the moment and that the account with database access has only been created on the primary. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hello everyone, we can mark this as resolved, turns out my mongo_uri was incorrectly configured.

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