Cluster setup graylog

Hi All

I have a cluster of 3 mongodb and elasticsearch instances and I have installed the latest graylog version on each, mongodb and elasticsearch clusters works fine, but the I have no idea how to make the graylog instances talk to each other.

I have most probably missed some documentation, but does anyone have any information to give me on how to configure this?


What’s the configuration of your Graylog nodes?
Graylog is using the MongoDB database as integration point between nodes.

Hi perg,

You can only have one master node in the cluster. Check your server.conf to make sure that it is set correctly.

You can also choose whether to enable the web interface on all graylog servers in a cluster.

Perhaps post your configuration files for the graylog server for each node.

What do the logs file sin /var/log say ? I am assuming you installed it on a Linux environment here.

Cheers Jake

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