Graylog minimum Cluster Setup

Hi there,

What would be the best way for a minimum cluster setup with Graylog/MongoDB/Elasticsearch?

I was thinking about following:

  • 3 Graylog Server with MongoDB
  • 3 Elasticsearch Server with as Master and Data node
  • 3 Graylog Server with MongoDB
  • 1 dedicated ES Master node and 2 ES Master & Data nodes
  • 3 GL with MongoDB
  • 3 dedicated ES Master nodes
  • 2 dedicated ES Data nodes

Thanks for helping.
BR Mat

he @afmin

welcome to the community - having a dedicated ES master is not needed in a small environment.

I would place Graylog and MongoDB on the same server and have as much ES nodes as you need to the data you are aiming for. We have some threads in the community about that topic and you might want to look around what has already been discussed.

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Thanks for your reply! I still reading the www about any hints for that reason :smiley:

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