Graylog cluster setup

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Hi All,

Could you please help me for configure Graylog cluster.

Here is my scenario.

  1. Graylog server (graylog+mongo)
  2. two Elasticsearch cluster

If there any other suggestions for Graylog cluster setup please suggest us.


(Tess) #2

Do you literally mean two ElasticSearch clusters, consisting of multiple nodes? Or do you mean one Elastic cluster consisting of two nodes?

Graylog offer a number of good tutorials on their documentation website. If you combine their documentation with the official docs from Mongo and Elastic, you’ll come a very long way!

This one right here is a nice starting-off point.

Mind you, if like me you are still learning about Graylog and the stuff it’s built on, don’t immediately jumpstart a production environment. First give it a few tries on Dev or Test.

(dinesh kumar) #3

Yes. One elasticsearch cluster.

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Super! In that case the docs I linked above are a nice starting point. They even have a nice high-availability guide, detailing the setup of MongoDB, Elastic and finally Graylog itself.

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