Graylog-Node won't join the cluster

I have a cluster with 3 graylog nodes. It was working fine until I added a plugin file und restartet the graylog service on the nodes. My “is_master=true” node can not join the cluster anymore but is online.

The funny thing is that I access graylog via the master node and it shows the other two nodes as active nodes but not himself. Therefore also the message is triggered: " There was no master Graylog server node detected in the cluster.".

Sometimes randomly the server will popup in the nodes section with the error “could net get plugins” for a few seconds.
The log is getting spammed with “Notifaction condition [NO_MASTER] has been fixed.” from “Unknown Node”. Its generating massive amounts of logs which all look like this.

I tried deleting the plugin I wanted and restartet the server but same issue persists.

I am running the version 3.1.2

Log in the system looks like this and get spammed 100 times per second:
WARN [NodePingThread] Did not find meta info of this node. Re-registering.

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Increasing the stale_master_timeout to 10 seconds fixed the issue.

you might want to check also if your clock is in sync …

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