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Graylog Docker images


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Graylog Docker images collection

Hi there. This repository contains unofficial Graylog Docker images that can be used in various deployments.

So how do I operate?

Graylog has been split into server and web-interface Docker images to stay within single-container-single-process philosophy.

The server component contains main Graylog functionality - it is the part that accepts incoming logs, manages streams and sends alerts. The web-interface component contains neat Web UI that lets you manage Graylog in human-understandable HTML way. Server component requires MongoDB and ElasticSearch cluster (that cluster may consist of single node, don’t be afraid) to operate.

After you’ve run and connected both images (passing the server’s host to web-interface container via environment variable), you’re all set and ready to experiment, just be aware that you may need to forward more ports than already expose 'd for additional inputs (not if you’re playing with AMQP broker).

Backing GitHub repository contains both images, so documentation for each component may be read over there (server, web-interface). The documentation for Graylog is hosted by Graylog itself.

By the way, there’s single-node docker-compose file included in repository for those who want to just press-and-play (even though server container coughs on mongo dying faster than it).