Windows Collector Sidecar Install Switches

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I’ve been working on getting logs sent into Graylog2 from my mostly Windows environment. Are there are any other switches which can be passed to the “Graylog-collector-sidecar.exe” during installation?
Presently I have the installer configured like this:
Graylog-collector-sidecar.exe /S -SERVERURL=http://fqdn:9000/api -TAGS="tags,go,here"
Everything comes in wonderfully, but the systems are all named the generic “graylog-collector-sidecar” name in the collectors list. I would love to know if there’s a way to pass either an answers file, or if there are additional switches for the installer that I can pass to the systems.
Either way I’m loving the product!
Thanks - Chris


+1 for this.

I can’t find any specific info on this but it would be nice to have a switch to specify the name.

I am not sure if all of these parameters are able to be passed during install but it is worth a shot…

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I should have updated this. I went ahead and tried all forms of the “node_id” that I could come up with, formatted like the rest of the options to no avail.

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We have an open issue for this, feel free to subscribe there:

You can see the currently available options in the source file of the installer:

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@marius Thanks very much for this. I’m keeping tabs on that git page.
Appreciate it!

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Saw that was updated earlier today. Exactly what we need. Booyah.

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