Mistake in documentation regarding sidecar silent install mode on Windows

Hi, linking this post as it’s what made me realise this and is an example of a user having problems because of a mistake in the docs → TLSSKIPVERIFY does not work when installing sidecar on Windows

Documentation → Install Sidecar on Windows
I checked that for most versions the mistake is present

User was having a problem with setting the tls_skip_verify option in the silent install mode. The documentation gives the wrong syntax of the option.

Alternatively, you can run the installer in silent mode:

$ graylog_sidecar_installer_1.5.0-1.exe /S -SERVERURL=http://your Graylog IP address or DNS name/api -APITOKEN=yourapitoken

Note that the Windows installer supports additional options in silent mode, such as:

-TAGS=["example","IIS"], -NODENAME=mynodename, -NODEID=1234, -SENDSTATUS=false,-TLSSKIPVERIFY=true, -UPDATEINTERVAL=10s.

Short answer, the correct option syntax is TLS_SKIP_VERIFY and the user confirmed that this worked.

I’ve found this while looking at sidecar installer source code which has been recommended by this post.

Please correct the option syntax.

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