Install collector-sidecar with a specific configuration


I’m wondering if there’s any way to push the configuration when installing the collector-sidecar (1.0.0)?
I used to use an older version (like 0.1.6) with Grayloy 2.4 where I can set the parameters I want, for example:
collector_sidecar_installer_0.1.6-1.exe -SERVERURL=http://myserver:9000/api -TAGS=“windows,iis” -NXLOG_ENABLED=TRUE -FILEBEAT_ENABLED=FALSE -WINLOGBEAT_ENABLED=FALSE

Now with graylog 3 after I install each server I then need to go the GUI and push the config to each of them…

Thanks in advance.

unfortunately it’s two different software, two different working methode :frowning:
I also dream about something about the old version. But I have no enought experience with it.

Thank you for your time macko003.
So probably graylog 3 it won’t be an option for us…
We have a platform in AWS using autoscaling and we use the old version of sidecar to install and config each instance when starting for first time… so this way there is no need of human intervention to push any config…

if you miss a feature, move over to Github and create a feature issue - if it is not already given…

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