Graylog Collector Renaming?

On my Graylog I created a collector for one of my Hyper-V servers to for Hyper-V event logs. I added the first server and it created a “graylog-collector-sidecar” entry under the collectors. I then installed the collector executable on the second Hyper-V server and used the same tag. Now I see a second “graylog-collector-sidecar” entry created.

My question is… does this mean that each server I installed the collector exe on will create a “graylog-collector-sidecar” entry? If so, is there no way to name it? I now have two “graylog-collector-sidecar” entries showing the same tag. I have to click on show messages to know which collector goes to which server.

hej @martineznet

this name is taken from the sidecar configuration file ( ) when you change node_id you will have another name.

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