New Collector by Sidecar Configurations how to set this to an Server


i make an new Collector Sidecar Configuration. How can i set this Sidecar to an Server ? I not found the menu Point.
Screenshot 2021-07-07 134746
I have to put new Point to an Server like an Printscreen

I have new collector “ISLOGS105” and i want assign to 1 Host.

An Host should have that new Collector


What version of Graylog are you running? Collectors have been depreciated for managing via sidecars…

Version 2.4


I wish I could help but the version is older than even what I originally installed. The best I can give you is a pointer to docs: Graylog Collector (deprecated) — Graylog 2.4.6 documentation. When you have time you should shift to side-cars… even better upgrade to the most recent version of Graylog which is 4.1 at the moment…

@RalfThomas I’ll second @tmacgbay’s suggestion. 2.4 is nearly 4 years old at this point, is EOL and receives 0 updates, security fixes, or bug fixes. There’s been a lot that’s changed in the intervening time, and if the issue ends up being related to the version you’re on, the recommendation would be to upgrade to a non-EOL version of Graylog.

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in moment Version 2.4 is ok. We plan an Upgrade later this year. But in moment is the Question , why the Server got not the new generated TAG.


I make

in on Server in that file this Entry


But the Server not get the islogs105

this group i generated here



How can i put the new generated TAG “ISLOGS105” to the Server ?

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