Visual bug in stream search


I’m testing version 3.2 (and so far, in the present state, I’m not planning to update).

I have a visual bug I can’t manage. It happens when my window is in full screen (firefox). The sub menu is not redirected to where I can see it :

Another one, when my navigator page is in half screen, I can’t scroll over the messages

Hey @pirona!

Thanks for your feedback. The first thing is a known issue we have addressed in current master and we will backport it to the next patch version (3.2.3).

The second one is not an issue from my perspective. If you scroll inside the message table widget, it will scroll the messages. If you scroll outside of it, you will scroll the page. What does when my navigator page is in half screen mean?

You are saying you are not planning to update at the moment. Are there any specific issues holding you back? We are constantly addressing feedback we are receiving in both patch versions (3.2.x) and are releasing a bigger update (`3.3.0) in a couple of weeks, which is fixing a number of issues we saw. This is a major rewrite of our central features, so naturally we need to balance between releasing early and releasing complete. Any feedback is highly appreciated!


thanks for your answer.

By " when my navigator page is in half screen" I mean when my navigator window is locked to a half of my screen, the scrollbar / scroller (don’t know the exact word) disappears.

I’m not planning to update because I had to deploy Graylog for memory analysis use java logs, gc.log … (mostly but I use syslogs too from time to time). Graylog is used by sysadmins and service desk in my company, and I tought them a workflow based on the old stream view.

The new one is completely different and implies much more customization from the user. The global spirit of preconfiguring a “ready-to-work” search environment was fine. I’m guessing the next updates will reintroduce some stuff.

Example :

  • the use of bar charts : I don’t know how to sort by day, year, week, etc… when in version 3.1.x, it was easily customizable

Globally, my opinion is that the new view is a bit rough in the edges. It takes too much customization to get back to the original workflow. I’m guessing of course that the point is to give more freedom to the user, but still I think something between the old workflow and the new one should be available. Again, my opinion only.

Random other missing stuff :

  • a dashboard can no longer be a start page (or didn’t find how to set it)
  • I can’t trigger an event / alert : I can’t test if the url construction in email notifications is still broken or not : (my test : filter & aggregation, query : source:* and a random stream)
  • a widget cannot be created on the fly : quick values and statistics were pretty good to use. the syntax used to configure widgets is not clear (to me and my users) > seen in doc
    … I’ll keep updating this if I find other problems.

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