Inconvenient sidebars

I have already created one topic about this issue, but in another forum thread, I will repeat here.

Hello. In the old version of graylog, there were very convenient scroll bars, all data was ordered from top to bottom. In the new version, the scroll bar is not very convenient and it needs to be stretched, so that it would be beautiful like in the old version, and then all the data does not fit and it turns out a very not beautiful design. How can I fix this? Or should developers fix it? If so, when will it be fixed?

Version 3.2.4:image

Version 4.1.6:

I would also like to note that if there is a lot of data on the dashboard, they do not come out and become all in one line.

I believe this is the same post.

yep u a right is the same post

Hi all, I’m going to close this topic. In general, the best place for any feature requests or bug reports is on the github project: GitHub - Graylog2/graylog2-server: Free and open source log management.