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Hello everybody, we have upgraded our Graylog to the last version (3.1 -> 3.2). The migration was almost without problems. But we are really disappointed with the new changes in the web interface.

  1. It works really slow, loading of some dashboards takes more than 10 seconds and looks like the problem in interface - we do not see any not normal load of the server. In previous version the same dashboard works fast.
  2. In the new version we can not find how to jump from the widget to the search results, that are represented by this widget.

I would like to mention one more problem:
I can not find how to change the sort direction of the search results by timestamp: sometimes it is really helpful to see first log records on top.

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Hello @vpikulik,

first of all thanks a lot for taking the time and giving us feedback. With 3.2 we brought a lot of changes for our user base. We tried to make the make the replacement as smooth as possible but that is never easy.
I will try give answer to your feedback:

  1. The migration of the dashboards might have changes to your dashboards which slows them down.
    There might be a chance to speed it up a little. Would you mind checking the timeinterval settings?

    It might be that to many (perhaps unnecessary amount) of data points are being rendered. For a fast dashboard it makes sense to set the Interval to automatic and a relative small value (< x3). Let me know if that helps, otherwise I would like to know what kind of charts you have on your dashboard so I can see where the root of the performance loss lies.

  2. It is true that we do not have the same capabilities regarding the search results. However. If you have a data table which is resembling your chart you’re able to open a message list with the resulted documents:
    Graylog (51)
    In future we plan to bring a way to have this also for graphical charts.

  3. Yes we do not support sorting of messages in this release. We even missed to document that properly. It is on the roadmap for 3.3.

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Thanks @konrad for the answers.

  1. We have checked the time interval and it helps a little bit)
    2-3. ok. When do you plan to release the next version (3.3)?

If you find your dashboard still to slow we can try to find the bottle necks.

We do not have a definite plan yet, but summer is what we think of right now.

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