Dashboards update Slowly

Hello I have been rearchitecting graylog for the past week since our current graylog would take forever to load(found to be a configuration issue). After redeploying all the tolls respond in a reasonable amount of time expect for the dashboards which after timing can range from anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes. I believe this has something to do with MongoDB but can’t seem to find the issue.

Listed below is the current config

12 cups
32 gb ram
2 tb of storage


Hello and Welcome,

Correct me if I’m wrong. From what I understand about your issue is that you reconfigured Graylog a couple weeks ago and now its running/loading slow? At this point it could multiple of things.
I have some question to help us troubleshoot your issue.

  1. What version for Graylog do you have?
  2. What version of elasticsearch do you have?
  3. What version of MongoDb do you have?
  4. I’m not sure, but was this and Upgrade? if so from what version did you upgrade it from?
  5. Do you have a firewall or Selinux enable?
  6. What does Graylog, Elasticsearch, and MongoDb logs look like? And have you tried tailing Graylog log file when loading Graylog server?
  7. How is your Graylog server configuration file configured? Myabe execute something like this.
    grep -v "^#" server.conf | grep -v "^$" | less
  8. Are you running a virtual Machine or is this physical hardware?
  9. What operating system are you using?
  10. What kind of installation do you have? (OVA, Package, Docker, etc…)

When you said;

Can you explain what happened in greater detail about your configuration issue?
The more details you can tell us the better we can help you.
You can find more inforation here
Thank you

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