Sort order in 3.2.2

In 3.2.2 I can not sort by timestamp anymore. If I click on timestamp column header, it shows me “Actions” and there’s nothing about sorting. Where did you put sorting button in the new interface?

As you can see in:

The message list widget currently does not allow sorting by field.

It will be implemented in the next version.

- Konrad

Hey @konrad, do you have a timeline as to when we can expect a patch for 3.2 or possibly 3.3 to address some of these missing features?

Hi @DanStutz,

I cannot say now for sure what will be backported to 3.2 and what not. The next patch including at least surrounding search should be out in the next weeks.

For 3.3 we aim summer, but more I am not able to say. I hope this helps.

- Konrad

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