Where has the sort button gone..?


Today we upgraded from 2.5 to 3.2, went perfectly. Thank you! And I’m sure the following question is a stupid one, but here we go anyway:

In the past, there was this little button to reverse sorting of the search results to oldest first.

This button is gone, and now we get a very fancy menu, with “aggregate”, “statistics” etc instead.

But… Where did the plain old reverse-sort button go?

Hi @kkplein,

as you might take from the upgrade note the sorting in message lists is a known limitation:

Please have a look for other limitations you might find.

We will be fixing this in the next major release.

- Konrad

ah right! :slight_smile:
Sorry for not having read that. Looking forward to the next release then!
Thanks very much for having taken the time to answer!

I am not sure if this is important for you, but it might also be we fix that limitation in a bug fix release. But nothing is decided yet.

- Konrad

No problem! For now, I have simply downgraded to latest 3.1 again: no hurries for me.
It’s great to have such a great piece of software available at no cost. We’re happy 3.1 users for now.
I’ll keep an eye open, and upgrade when this is implemented again.

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