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Hi Folks,

We are using Graylog 3.2.0-beta.2+18766e8.
But I can not find the “sorting” and “Show surrounding messages” functionalities when searching messages.

Please, do you know if these features were removed from this version?

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he @higorfortunato

currently that is not (yet) given. If that will not make it into the GA Release that will be added in the next releases.

Thanks @jan.

Maybe I should go by V3.1.2 version. Please, do you know if V3.1.2 release provides these features?

he @higorfortunato

I guess you messed around with the version numbers … the search will be fundamental changed in 3.2 - before (3.0 and 3.1) it was the same as with 2.4

Ok, got it.

Thanks @jan

Hey @jan can you please elaborate on this answer? I am new to Graylog and one of our system admins updated graylog to version “Graylog 3.2.0+4edc81f” today. I can no longer find the “Show surrounding messages” feature which was extremely useful to locate bugs.

Can you let me know which version I should revert back to (in order to get this feature back?)

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he @photogrey

as you can see in the upgrade notice:

This is currently not given, but will be re-implemented.

You can only return to the previous version if you have made a backup of your MongoDB before you upgrade as downgrade is not an option.

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