Going from 2.5 -> 3.x was a serious downgrade for us

We regret strongly going from 2.5 and 3.x, and are working on downgrading again. Which is a shame, because ES6 size savings would be amazing.

Main issues:

Quick values now takes 11 clicks instead of 2.
Used to be field -> quick values.
Now it is field -> top values, then add aggregation -> type -> pie chart -> row -> field name -> aggregation -> count ->save

Change sort order now takes 5 clicks instead of 1.
Used to be you could just do it right in the all messages widget
Now its -> options -> edit -> sort order -> order -> save

Both of these are very important workflows that are done hundreds of times a day in our company. Saying ‘oh just save a search with your favorite widgets’ just does not cut it for devs who are solving a different bug every day.

I would ask the Graylog team to consider keeping core functionality functional between upgrades.


We are running version 3.1.4 for a reason, this is the last version without these new so called features. If no change in developers mind, will not update as long as possible and try some alternatives.

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Yes, that was a shock for many of us.
I had such thread some time ago: Rollback 3.2->3.1?
I even performed roll back to 3.1.4 several times.
In general it’s not so hard, so you can try to downgrade also

Agree, I can’t wrap my head around these UI changes, or why they thought this was a good idea… It is so hard to find anything.

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Hey everyone,

thanks for the feedback. We are aware of it and working on addressing it.

For 3.2 we have rewritten the whole search and added lots of new features and flexibility. Unfortunately we have underestimated the importance of some used workflows for long term users.

With 3.3 we have started to bring those back and address the feedback we have received. We are continuing that for the next versions.

It does not go as fast as we like, as we need to balance it with other requirements and we have limited resources. But you can expect that most, if not all of your concerns will be addressed, so you can benefit from both new ES-support and other new features and the workflows you are used to.

Thanks for your patience!

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