3.2 missing functions

Hello I upgraded to 3.2.1 today and found, that 3.2 is missing some essential features:

  1. exists is not filled automatically in search field, so you should type it manually.
  2. Auto filling fields in search is not as smooth as in 3.1, you should type : after selection of field from listbox
  3. It would be nice if new widgets (pie, bar) have option to support Value actions as Data table. I’ve already created feature request for views:

Hi @shoothub,

I created an issue for 2. and we are also discussing 1. It should be part of the next bugfix release.

Thanks for your helpful input! And for creating the feature request!

Thanks for quick response, I appreciate it.

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Hi @konrad

today I played with graylog 3.2.1 and found another inconvenience for widgets:

  1. If I create new tab (query) in dashboard I’m not able to change its position, so move it before (as first) already created task. I would be great if I can move positions of query tabs.
  2. I’m able to copy widget from saved search to Dashboard, but not from one dashboard widget to another dashboard. There is no Copy do Dashboard option on widget.
  3. I’m able to copy widget from saved search to Dashboard but not to choose tab. It is always pasted on first tab. I would be great to choose dashboard tab to copy widget to if there is more than one tab on dashboard.
  4. It is not possible to copy/move widget to another dashboard tab (query). I have to create it again, if I want to move to another tab. I would be great option to copy/move widgets from one dashboard tab to another.

I know of the lagging features in this area. I would have loved to add those in the current release but in the end we needed to stop somewhere.

Some of your ideas are new to me and I will take them to the team to hopefully bring them to 3.3.

Thanks again for your input, and keep me updated please if you find anything else.

Hi @konrad,

I’m happy my finding will be valuable.

I found another small problems with widgets:

  1. If I create lower widget with timestamp, caption like count() overlaps date, so it’s not completely visible. I would be better to move caption to lower position, so it won’t not hide date and time. As a workaround to have resize create widget height to 4. See screenshot it is overlapping Feb 6, 2020 and also 12:00, only F is visible from date…

  2. There are wider gaps in inner content of widgets than necessary. For example in table header there is CSS value margin-top: 15px, which move table too low. Due to it’s not possible to create smaller widget. I think smaller margins/paddings would help to use inner space in widgets more valuable.

  3. It would be great to have option to completely hide Title of widget to show much more content. Some of the widgets are obvious from it’s content like table and doesn’t always need title at all.

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Hi @konrad,
one more suggestion about widgets:

If I create wider pie graph widget, there are usually more empty space on both sides. It would be nice to have option to move captions (legend) from bottom to right table. For example this type of widget uses competition software VMware vRealize Log Insight, see screenshot below:

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Hi @konrad

here are some Kibana dashboard widgets for comparision:


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Hello @konrad

today I found some small problems with widgets.

  1. When I copy widget from search (saved or unsaved) to dashboard using function “Copy to Dashboard” name of the widget is not copied. Name of the new widget is Aggregating count() by xxx. It would be great if copy function also copy name of the original widget.
  2. When I copy widget I can select dashboard to copy from list of dashboards, but it would be nice to have option to create new dashboard directly from this list.

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