Announcing Graylog v3.2.3

We are proud to announce Graylog 3.2.3 which include some functions that where missed during the search rewrite of 3.2. In addition to that some bug fixes are included.

A short list of features and fixes:

  • ie11 fixes
  • sharing searches
  • new kafka support
  • show journal stats on node page
  • message table sorting
  • “replay search” for dashboard widgets
  • zero values in charts
  • surrounding search
  • aggregation alert fixes
  • query autocompletion fixes
  • a couple of smaller fixes.

Please see the release blog post for more details

I would like to thank the community for the feedback on 3.2. This enables us to improve the product.


Just deployed this in a multinode setup with RabbitMQ ingest on syslog AMQP inputs.
Throughput dropped to 3kp/s per node from 20kp/s
Serious performance issues with this and had to go back to 3.2.2 to restore service.

Really want to go back to 3.1.x from 3.2 now, the user interface is slow/laggy and performance is appalling. Is there a guide yet for downgrade?

he @tomuk5

from the information you have shared I can’t connect the issue you have seen to one of the changes in 3.2.3 - if you are interested in debugging this to find the issue (and fix it) I would please you to open a new thread and share as much information as possible.