Root_timezone ignored


I set in server.conf the following timezone :
root_timezone = Europe/Paris then I restarted the server.
When I go in my profile I still use UTC timezone, and the time stamp is still wrong in message.

am I missing something here ?
I’m running graylog 3.2


The root timezone settings is only for the default admin/root user, and maybe for the new users.
If you use a different user, you have to update it manually.

Thanks for the information.
As I do use LDAP authentification, is there a way to set all users to local timezone ?

Default timezone for LDAP users uses parameter root_timezone. If you have already created users using LDAP, before correctly setup root_timezone, you should:

  1. Change timezone of users manually one by one in System - Authentication - Users - Edit - field Timezone
  2. Every user can change own timezone using Edit profile after login
  3. You can also use REST API to change timezone for users.

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