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My graylog is running in docker, i’m experiencing different Timezone
I have been reading about it and succeeded to change my graylog server timezone to EAT (Africa/Dar_es_Salaam) but User admin timezone is still running with default UTC timezone

Can you please help me out as the logs are coming in with wrong timestamp,


You can change it from Users under System/Authentication edit the admin user and change the time zone accordingly.


Heyo @JonathanKayumbo,

the timezone of the root user is set in the Graylog configuration file.

root_timezone = UTC
        The time zone setting of the root user. See this list of valid time zones. Default is UTC.

@hun That would work, but it’ll be reset the next time Graylog is restarted AFAIK :slight_smile:


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Thank you man,
I had to create a new user with Administrator privileges and the set the time to my timezone and it worked
How ever i could not be able to edit the Administrator timezone , seems like it needs to be edited in back-end and i do not know how!

Do you mind if you tell me how to locate this configuration file , as my graylog is running in Docker as a container :smile:

you should read the documentation on this: http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/installation/docker.html#settings

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