How to Change the timezone of user admin of Graylog?

How to change this to correct timezone User admin:2017-06-25 11:48:23 +00:00?
Your web browser:2017-06-25 19:48:42 +08:00

Thanks in advance

hej @peter.legista

if you read the yellow highlighted text int he users profile you might notice:

The admin user can only be modified in your Graylog server configuration file.

That means, that this special user will use the default (which is UTC) time configuration that can only be changed in the Graylog configuration.

Sorry, for asking so much question about this graylog, i am just know on this technology. May i know how to change it in Graylog configuration, i mean the location or command ?


please refer to the documentation about the default file locations.

Thak you, i will definitely take a look this link.
I will give you feedback about it

Thanks again @jan

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