Global timezone for all users


I’m running graylog 2.2.3 as docker container, on a single node. I want to set its timezone to Europe/Budapest instead of the default UTC. I’ve found a config option for setting root_timezone but I’m planning LDAP authentication so I would like to set this TZ as default for all users.
I’ve read that Graylog defaults to system timezone, so I set it in the container. However, Graylog seems to ignore system timezone value.

root@c9c31c58840d:/usr/share/graylog# cat /etc/timezone
root@c9c31c58840d:/usr/share/graylog# zdump /etc/localtime
/etc/localtime  Mon Jun 26 18:03:54 2017 CEST
root@c9c31c58840d:/usr/share/graylog# date +%Z

All seems to be correct in container, however Admins profile still tells it is in UTC.
I also tried setting TZ env var, also without result.

My question is what is the preferred way to set custom default timezone for all users? If the preferred way is setting it via system timezone what setting Graylog checks for its value?

Thanks for any help!

Graylog will use the timezone configured in the root_timezone setting for new users logging in via LDAP.

Oh, its too simple :slight_smile: Thank you!

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