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I’ve problem with the time in Graylog. In fact, in the timestamp column the time is different that the log message. I give you a screenshot :


I have this problem, when I use Active Directory authentication.



Have you checked the
root_timezone in /etc/graylog/server/server.conf? (root_timezone = Europe/Budapest)
AND you user time zone settings under system/authentication/users?

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Yes I check the time zone settings in system>authentication>users, and I don’t understand because one AD user have not the good time settings

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So I’ve found the problem. I changed manually the time settings configuration of the user.


I don’t know exactly, but I think you can set the deafult timezone for users somewhere. Maybe that cause the wrong settings for one user.

I found it.
“Graylog will use the timezone configured in the root_timezone setting for new users logging in via LDAP.”

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Yes I see my root_timezone setting but it’s good, I’ve Paris timezone

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