Regarding Graylog OIDC

Hi Team,

Graylog 4.2 introduces generic OpenID Connect (OIDC) and can be managed with a variety of OIDC-compliant identity providers. I want to use Google as a compliant identity provider.

Currently, I am using Open Source Graylog in my organization. My question is can I use the OIDC authentication feature in Graylog Open Source? or this is only for Graylog Enterprise?
I am running Graylog version 4.2, but in the coming days planning to upgrade to 5.0

A quick response will be appreciated.

That is an Enterprise feature (documentation now calls that the “Operations” version).
The Open product supports LDAP and AD.

Thanks, @patrickmann for the quick response.

Hi @patrickmann Can we configure LDAP and AD on the Linux environment? or any other way to integrate SSO login in Graylog OpenSource?

I don’t understand the question. From the docs:

Both LDAP and Active Directory continue to be available out of the box for Graylog Open Source and we have no plans on changing this.

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