Logging into graylog with Office365

Hey friends,

I’d like to allow users from our organisation to log into graylog with their Office 365 accounts, but I’m at a loss as to where to start. In system > authentication, it asks for a server address. What should this be? How do I set things up on the Office365 side? I’ve set up SSO on our own custom made tools using Azure AD/OpenID, is this a similar approach, or do I need to look into LDAP? I also get “Name or service not known” no matter the Server Address I use, even though I can connect to those addresses from the machine’s terminal. So perhaps something is misconfigured there too.

OS Information: Ubuntu 22.04
Package Version: 5.0.7-1

Many thanks in advance for the assistance :slight_smile:


My understanding is that this requires the OIDC (Open ID Connect) feature, which is part of either Graylog Operations or Graylog Security.

You’ll need to use LDAP for external authentication with Graylog Open Source.

Hope that helps.

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