Integrate Graylog web interface to use Azure AD for SSO

I want to Integrate Graylog web interface to use Azure AD for SSO.
I see there is option in System > Authentication > Active Directory

But not sure how i can use as a SSO
and where i can configure oAuth setting like appid / authority/ clientid setting

Any help would really appreciated.

I might be able to help.

This documentation would be able to help you with the connection to AD.

As for SSO this Documentation should help.

The SSO you will need the Enterprise version. This would require you to get a license for your Graylog server BUT if you ingest less then 5 GB a day its free.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for info.
Do we have any plugin for OAuth2.0
any other way to authenticate through NGINX proxy


You can look here.

There is a Trusted Header for authentication, this is also shown in the documentation.
Here is a screen shot from the link I posted above.

I went through OIDC document . Where it says to create Application in oAuth provider.

Do graylog Authentication page has also such option to configure it (steps are not quite clear in document ) or only enterprise version has such option for OIDC .
because i can only see only two option Active Directory and Ldap .

Active Directory and LDAP you don’t need enterprise version to connect only if you are trying to use Group Synchronization and/or Synchronized Teams

You can us the Trusted Header Authentication for free.

System --> Authentication --> Authenticators

If you ingest less then 5 GB a day the enterprise license is free.
You can see more here.

It probably would help knowing what version you have.

Thanks for response .

Is there any way I can use below library

With nginx to pass user as header

Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with application. Maybe someone else has.

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