Openid connect for single sign-on

We use keycloak (openid connect tokens ) to single logon in our domain.
I need to be able to connect to Graylog using an existing openid token.
There was a plugin in developement but it seems to have stalled. I looked at the SSO authenticator. plugin but it’s not for this.
Has anyone any idea how I could achieve this?
I’m currently running version 3.3 on ubuntu 20 but moving to version 4 is an option if It presents a solution.
Many thanks


I also have Keycloak and with the new version GL 4.0 were unable to use SSO.
Before upgrading you might want to look at this.

Were using MS AD for authentication. Graylog does have a HTTP header as shown below.

Maybe in the near future this might happen.
Hope that helps

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t really understand how the trusted header works. (where it comes from) I Haven’t found any documentation that explains how to create this trusted header. Our GL is behind a nginx reverse proxy so I guess I will need to make some changes here to forward the header but I don’t know how to create it …
Any help would be appreciated

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