Struggling to get SSO work with Graylog 4

Hello Team,

We were using graylog 3.3.10 and we were placing sso plugins to get graylog work with sso authenticatiom ,

But now we are planning to move to graylog 4.0.6 and as we can see SSO plugin is already integrated with graylog 4,

But when we deploy graylog with 4.0.6 it doesn’t work with the users present in LDAP, we were able to login with default admin password , we want our graylog 4.0.6 should work with SSO so that we don’t have to use password which was working in graylog 3.3.10 ,

Can someone help us what we need to do get graylog4 work with SSO , your guidance will surely help.


Samurai, Thanks for posting. Your post is important to the community, I’ve noticed your post hasn’t received a response. Can you please provide more information, such as screen shot or error message? This will help to clarify your question.

Thank you for you response,

We are struggling to get SSO work with Graylog 4 ,
We want to know where the information about trusted header authentication is stored ,

It was pretty simple in Graylog 3 by placing plugins to path and it was working. But in Graylog4 it is integrated but it doesn’t work with SSO it only works with default username and password,

We want to know how we can integrate our LDAP and SSO to work with graylog4.


Hello and welcome,

I do believe as of GL version 4 the SSO plugin no longer works.You can find out here.

Not sure if you seen this with GL 4.

As for using the Trusted Header Authentication under Authenticators, I havent been able to use that with our application called Keycloak yet.
Hope that helps

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Awesone, gsmith, Thanks for taking on one of our challenges. @samurai29 Is this the solution you’re looking for? If so, please let us know and mark the post “Solved.”

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