Sso plugin version compatible with Graylog 4.2.x

Dear community , I’m in the process to upgrade Graylog from version 3.3.16 to 4.2.6, I just was wondering if we have sso plugin version compatible with version 4.2.x, I just tried with sso plugin version 3.3 but it got an error and Graylog pod keep restarting ( I have it running on EKS), not sure if it is not needed, I just removed it from my helm chart and it starting to work, more over, going to System/Authentication after remove it, I was able to see ActiveDirectory and LDAP as options.

I will appreciate your comments in advance.

Hello @shake76

Plugin for SSO for 4.2 is a no go.
They have implemented Sso into Graylog 4.2 shown here BUT you will need an enterprise license, its free if you have under 2GB a day. There is also a Trusted Header Authentication you can use which is for open source version.

Hope that helps

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