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Hello, We are using the free Graylog Enterpise in our environment. Ours is a single server deployment. Today we received a License violation message " Daily traffic limit: 5.0GB (allowed violations per 30 days: 5" Ours is a small environment with less than 12 data sources and i am pretty sure we are no where close to even 1GB/day.

How can i find out how much data is getting indexed, which source host is the culprit, what is root cause of this issue etc ? Or how do i resolve this error message in a nutshell ?

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HI Jochen, i have been looking at those posts . Our graylog server is not able to connect to so that is something we are looking into internally. On a different note, how to check in Graylog what is the daily consumption and what is the amount of data getting indexed every day ?

You can see that on the System/Overview page in the Graylog web interface.

Jochen, Sorry i have a dumb question. I am in the System/Overivew page as shown page. Where is the information listed here ? It wouldn’t be under OUTGOING TRAFFIC Graph, would it ? Is there any INCOMING Traffic graph also ?

That’s the traffic that’s being accounted for in the license.

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