How Does Licensing Work?

I’ve done some searching through the forums here and I couldn’t find out an answer to how licensing works.

The pricing page is vague at best, stating “Graylog Enterprise is Free for Under 5 GB/day.” 5GB/day of what? Indexing I assume, but how is that measured when ElasticSearch is our indexing back-end. When do we need to pay to use graylog? If we stick with the open source version, what is the advantage of paying? Is it only for support? If I am indexing 100GB/day and don’t want support or other enterprise features am I ok to run graylog without paying?

Yes, absolutely!

You only need a license if you want to use one of the commercial plugins (Archiving, Audit Log, any future commercial plugins).

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Thanks jochen! I’m curious what you mean by commercial plugins. ATM it’s only archival, user audit and views. Are there others in the marketplace that get unlocked with an enterprise license?

i just wanted to follow up on that, what happens if i somehow cross the 5GB/day threshold while using free enterprise offer?

The commercial plugins (which are part of Graylog Enterprise) are listed at
There are no commercial plugins on the Graylog Marketplace.

The commercial plugins will stop working.

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how is this 5GB/day limit counted? per day? week/7 average or on monthly basis? if I cross 5GBs in given day will plugins stop working for that day? for example archive plugin will stop working at all or just wouldn’t archive a daily index larger than 5GB? our daily indexes are 2.5GB but in some cases they could grow over the 5GB

Yes, per day.

No, only after a given number of violations.

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