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I’m new to Graylog 3, I know that there was many time talk about licenses, but I’m little confused about licensing model of Graylog.
So as far as I understand you must buy license if you activate Enterprise features and you are over 5 GB of log’s per Day?
If we just stick to Open source and not making activation of Enterprise features we are not having any daily limitation?

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you are 100% right. The Core of Graylog is and will be always free without limitations.

Only if you install the Enterprise Plugins you have the need of a license, independend how much traffic you have - but you can issue a license for free that include 5GB of traffic. When you are above that limit you need to buy a license to be able to use the Enterprise Plugins.

Hi Jan,

You gave me needed information about license’s. One more question, do you need Enterprise license for multi node configuration?


my answer does not speak about the number of nodes because it does not matter.

You can have hundreds of Server - the License is only needed if you install the Enterprise Plugins.

Jan thanks!

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What license are the Enterprise Plugins developed under?

Thanks Jan. Appreciate it.

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