Multinode Setup

Hi Guys!

I am new to all this and after reading the documentation I think we need a multinode setup due to the large amount of data and applications we have but I have just found this:

“If you run a Graylog cluster you need to add the enterprise plugins to every Graylog node”

Do we have to buy the Enterprise License to deploy a Graylog Cluster?

If so, what is your experience with a single node server?

Thanks in advance!

he @littleThing

you might want to look into:

you might be surprised what a single Graylog node can handle. Large amounts of data is subjective so can you quantify “large”? That being said, if you think you’ll ever need a cluster, starting with one is the better way to go. As far as the enterprise question, you don’t need and enterprise license to run a cluster.

Here’s a side by side of what enterprise gets you.

Graylog | Open Source vs. Enterprise

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