Graylog-server vs graylog-enterprise packages

Hello community,
we already own an enterprise license and we are close to upgrade to the latest stable release.
I was gathering information on the steps needed to perform the upgrade and discovered those two packages at the repository:
graylog-server & graylog-enterprise
Does anybody know the difference between those two ?

The enterprise plugin packages that you used to have to install seperately are now rolled into the installer, so one installs just graylog open, and the other also installs all the enterprise features, so if you are using a license you will want to install the enterprise one.

Thanks Joel, good to know.

One more question:
We currently have installed the following packages

and we need to upgrade. Can I use the graylog-enterprise package of the server or should I use graylog-server in order to perform the upgrade without problems and keep all the settings / config already have with the previous version ?

Because you have the enterprise plugins you will want to install graylog-enterprise which will update those plugins as well as base graylog all in one go.

Thanks Joel will try that !

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