Upgrade 2.4.4 community edition to Enterprise


Today i upgraded my Graylog instance from 2.4.4 free community edition to Enterprise version. Upgrade went thru successfully. I am using the OVA file. I followed the instructions as per the email that i got with the license key & downloaded the “graylog-enterprise-plugin-2.4.3.tgz” file by clicking on that link that came along… I then extracted this tar file & manually copied the 3 .jar files as shown below to /opt/graylog/plugin directory & restarted the server.


My question is, the above 3 files say those are version 2.4.3. Would this cause issues with the 2.4.4 that’s already running ? If i look under /opt/graylog/plugin directory , all the other plugin/jar files are 2.4.4
Just asking ?

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You can find the URL of the Graylog Enterprise tarball at http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/enterprise/setup.html#tarball.

If you’ve installed Graylog via the official DEB or RPM packages, please refer to http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/enterprise/setup.html#deb-rpm-package.


Thank you Jochen. Appreciate your help as always.

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