2.3 to 2.4 upgrade

Morning All,

Im kinda new to Graylog so please forgive the noob question, im just looking into upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4 and looking at the online documentation it just seems to say make sure certain plug-ins are not installed, does anybody have any more detailed instructions please as to how i would go about this upgrade?

Also im hoping to keep my existing data is this possible with this upgrade path?

Again apologies for the question, but any help would be very much appreciated guys.


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There are further instruction depending on how you installed Graylog.

RPM, etc :


If you installed Graylog through a virtual machine appliances you can upgrade via the ctl script

Hope it Helps.

Many thanks Hazmes, sorry i had just come across that section following some searching though the documentation.

Ive just run that command and i think its upgraded but now ive rebooted ive lost my web interface, im getting an unable to connect

Ive done some searching on the forums and found somebody saying check the output from “curl -i” but i just get “curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 9000: Connection refused”

Im not very experienced with Graylog as im sure you can see, so any sort of help would be very much appreciated

Thanks guys

you should first share:

then maybe someone can help.

Just had the same symptoms because of incompatible DNS resolver plugin - it can be recognized by specific errors in logfiles.
Check this thread, may be it helps: Rolling upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4?

Afternoon Guys

thanks for the reply much appreciated, just to answer the above i installed the inital 2.3 via the repository and upgraded the same way as detailed in the documentation under installing Graylog/Update to latest version.

I have had a look at my plugins folder and cant see the DNS Resolver plugin there, so im not sure its the same issue as detailed above, i have attached a picture of my log, if anyone can see anything that stands out it would be very much appreciated.


Did you remember to do this?


you did not mention which how-to you followed to install from what repository.

But from the given information I can’t spot any error - what is your problem?

Thanks for the response, i didnt have any plugins installed on my previous version, and the issue im having is i am not getting any reply from the web interface, although intrestingly i do get “Graylog Web Interface” on my tab in Firefox, but just have a white webpage with no information.

Any help would be appreciated.

did you clear your caches?

Thanks for everybodies help i have now fixed this, seemed to be some config i think i hadnt amended, i followed the full install guide after the upgrade and im now fully back up and running on 2.4

Thanks for all your support guys much appreciated.

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