Problems updating 3.2.4


We have a graylog server version 3.2.2 running in a Centos 7.6. We want to update to 3.2.4 but we don’t find rpm packages. In the documentation ( appears we have to run:
$ sudo rpm -Uvh
But this address doesn’t exist.
What is the solution?

Thank you,

I can download the rpm file, so what is your error message?

Sorry, I made a mistake, when we run the update the message is:

package graylog-3.2-repository-1-1.noarch is already installed

How we can update to 3.2.4?

Maybe google can help to find the answers.
But please don’t share this information, It is my best friend, and knows almost everything. so I don’t want to loose it.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Excuse me, but the official documentation of Graylog ( talks about run:

sudo rpm -Uvh

But this solution doesn’t work. That is the reason why I ask how it should be.

Maybe you forget to read it, and do it well.

$ sudo rpm -Uvh
$ sudo yum clean all
$ sudo yum install graylog-server

There are two more lines…
And also I can suggest to use google.
eg. “what is repository rpm” - bingo, I checked, the first hit get the answers.

But if you read the full link (what you share) I think it tell everything about the process, and the main steps. Please read it, it’s about 10 sentences.

Thank you. Sorry for waste your time.

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