Graylog-Enterprise Plugin shown after Upgrade to 3.3.11

Just upgraded graylog from 3.2.6 to 3.3.11, suddenly the enterprise menu is being shown in the webui without having the enterprise-plugin installed.

the webui confirms that “Graylog Plugin Enterprise is not installed” but assumes that we have a valid graylog-enterprise license? “You have a Graylog Enterprise license installed.”

How can we get rid of the menu? this is visible for every user and just causes confusion as there’s a permission error as soon as someone not admin clicks on it. As said, we do not have the enterprise plugin installed neither do we have a valid license.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,
What upgrade command did you use?
Some of the commands mencioned in the graylog documentation have the ugrade for enterprise plugins, if i recall if you don´t have and use the command it will install.
The message valid license is because of 2 things: If you have more than 5G of daily traffic (see overview) or is not yet installed an license.

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Thanks for your answer, I updated based on the docs here Update using RPM. Installed the new 3.3 repo, yum clean all, yum install graylog-server. Afterwards restarting.

Just curious why this suddenly pops up as it’s nowhere mentioned

When upgrading, the “yum” command will popup the upgrades needed (instalation and size). If the graylog clean installation come with the enterprise plugin pre-installed i don´t know.
Check the yum log and graylog log for more details.

Feb 22 10:55:12 Updated: graylog-server-4.0.3-1.noarch
Feb 22 10:55:14 Updated: graylog-enterprise-plugins-4.0.3-1.noarch
Feb 22 10:55:14 Updated: graylog-enterprise-integrations-plugins-4.0.3-1.noarch
Feb 22 10:55:14 Updated: graylog-integrations-plugins-4.0.3-1.noarch

Mine was upgraded Feb22 see the “enterprise-plugins”

Mar 02 10:48:41 Installed: graylog-3.3-repository-1-1.noarch
Mar 02 10:48:41 Erased: graylog-3.2-repository-1-1.noarch
Mar 02 11:06:07 Updated: graylog-server-3.3.11-1.noarch

[root@vsloggl02:/etc/graylog/server]# rpm -qa | grep graylog

Well that’s the point, the package is not installed and the menu entry still shows up

Well maybe someone else can clarify … but no demand for install and installed anyway… wierd.

Hey there folks, it does look like that change was made ~3.3. I can definitely understand and appreciate that this creates confusion for end users. My recommendation would be to open a bug report here so that our development team can change that behavior.

Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the update, I’ll open a bug report. Do you know if this is still present in 4.x?

I don’t think we’ve put a release out yet that has the fix in it. I believe it should be in the next round of releases.

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