AWS Cloudwatch integration does it require enterprise version?

Will Graylog be supporting this in the open source version ?

please check the integrations page in the documentation on your question:

Thank you.
I mistakenly installed both by running the command to install both without noticing it was installing both.
Is there a way to undo this so the system doesn’t think I have the enterprise version?

uninstall the enterprise package

Please forgive my ignorance on this but how do I uninstall the enterprise package?

depending how you have installed. Using the package manager of your system and uninstall the package that contains the enterprise plugins.

I ran the un-install command - and re-booted and still get the message that the enterprise plug ins are installed in graylog.
See below what I get when I tried to un-install for the 2nd time.
Apologies but I’m not an expert at ubuntu.


Nevermind - I ran the sudo apt autoremove and it removed all packages not required and now the Enterprise Menu is gone.
Thanks for your help!

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