Graylog Enterprise license changes?

We’ve been running Graylog with the free 5GB Enterprise license for a few years and our current license expired a few days ago. I went to register for a replacement, but now it seems that the licensing has changed, so that license no longer seems to be available. When did this happen, and is there a press release or explanation somewhere on these changes?

We’re currently running 4.0.2 (yes, I know, it’s out of date) and I believe the only Enterprise features we were using are archiving of logs so that we can keep 1 year of logs without excessive disk storage consumption.

This link where you request the new license is still there… each request being the same as if new. What errors are you seeing?


Thanks for getting back to me. That link indicates that the free license now only allows for 2GB/day, whereas it was 5GB previously - when did that change, as I didn’t receive any communication regarding it and I haven’t been able to find anything mentioned in the version release notes etc?

Unfortunately we have been processing about 4GB/day, so I’m trying to work out what Enterprise features we may have been using and whether the unlimited/free version will be suitable for us. I believe the only feature we have been using was archiving.

Well that is interesting… I didn’t see/know about the change either… though I am just a community member. I use the Enterprise license as well and run about the same rate…

@dscryber do you have any more information about this?

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I am also interested in the reply to this.

Hello, @ttsandrew @tmacgbay @benkrome

I was in another post about someone needing a license and during my search I also noticed it change to 2 GB a day, :thinking:

Is there any feedback from Graylog themselves on this?

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Not that I have seen, still waiting on @dscryber to reply. Not sure what’s going on.

@gsmith @tmacgbay and @ttsandrew,

I will ask in my corp meeting tomorrow.


Hi, @benkrome

I spoke today with my team regarding your question. Yes, the new licenses for Graylog Open (the free version) has been changed from 5 GB to 2 GB as of January 1. However, users like you, who are renewing licenses initially obtained before Jan 1, 2022 will be grandfathered in. This means only first-time users who download Graylog Open after Jan 1, 2022 will receive the 2 GB/day capacity.

You should hear from Graylog shortly about your license renewal, and grandfathered 5 GB capacity that you’ll be able to use. Feel free to email me at with the email you’d like to use for contact in this matter.




Till today NO info about this changes. Even the documentation talks about the 5gb
Me to was caught in this, after i started to learn graylog. this change happen.
And i’m using only the option of archiving, and report.
Maybe i need to look for another solution

@franciscojnneto If you are renewing a license that was initially obtained before Jan 1 of this year, you may be grandfathered in to 5 GB with a renewal. The free product is now available, as of Jan 1, as 2GB/day.

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Does anyone know if ‘grandfathering’ is being offered? I think maybe it is not.


It is, you would need to talk to support.

Hi David,

Do you mean the Graylog Small Business (Enterprise but data limited to now 2GB) correct? I thought Graylog Open was free for unlimited data but did not include some enterprise features.


Yes. I mean Graylog Small Business (Enterprise but data limited to now 2GB).

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@dkleeman, If you are renewing a license initially obtained before Jan 1, 2022, please send me email I’ll forward your information to Graylog. Then, expect to receive a call on how to be grandfathered in to the 5GB option instead of the new 2GB option.

Please do not contact support. Support is only available for Enterprise customers.

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