New License, Violation Too Much Traffic

Hello, configuring a new instance of Graylog and got it working with some log sources pointed to it. I’m using a free license to test the features of Graylog. I left it running to work on some other projects and returned several days later to view the data and received the license violation message as my instance had received more than 5GB of data several days in a row. I’ve tuned the logs down now…is there anything I can do to reset the license? I would prefer to not wait 30 days for it to reset…I guess I could rebuild but prefer not to if there is an easier solution. I am fine with deleting all of the current logs if that would resolve the license issue. Thanks!

what version of Graylog and which Enterprise features are you using?

I’m using 3.2. I thought the Enterprise license was necessary but now that you mention it I don’t think I need any of those features while looking them over (at least right now). If I delete my license will my instance revert to open source without the 5GB limit? Much appreciated.

The 5GB limit is only related to having the enterprise license features. You can ingest all you want but to keep the free license going, it has to be under 5GB. removing the license only removes those features.

yeah just remove the enterprise plugin and restart graylog

Really appreciate the responses everyone. I have removed the enterprise plugins and all is well. Thanks!

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