Graylog enterprise expired


May i kindly ask you if there is way renable the graylog enterprise license after it got disabled bue to 5GB of logs per day being violated multiple times ? I forgot how spammy windows servers are and did not checked for several days and the enterprise license is now turned off. I already made NXlog to drop the spam so I am now down to 100-150 MB / day but i don’t know how to enable the enterprise back again. ( or if it even possible ).

Graylog checks over a 30 day span for the violations. In the past when this has happened to me I have just waited for the > 5GB days to roll out of that window. I don’t use/rely the Enterprise features heavily though. In my experience, once you roll those days out of the check period, the Enterprise license is re-enabled automatically. In a pinch you can contact support, but there are highly likely to say the solution is to purchase a license.

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